This song is meant to be about us winding down the day. The sun has gone down, it’s nighttime. The stars are out so we walk outside our cave and gaze up at the stars together. I’m sitting on the ledge to the cliff and Elira is laying next to me as we look up at the stars together, reminiscing about our day together. We would do this frequently when we knew that I would have to make a trip the next day. It was our way of extending the day and the time we had together. This was just one last thing we could to in order to put off sleep so we could spend more time together. Eventually though we would realize that we couldn’t put it off any longer and we’d go back inside and fall asleep together. We would sleep particularly close on those nights. She would sleep with her paw resting on my chest and stomach and nuzzle into the top of my head with her snout, or I’d fall asleep hugging her head/neck. Basically we were trying to spend as much time as possible with each other and show as much physical affection for each other as possible because we knew I’d be leaving the next day and we’d be apart for a few days.