Every song on this page has been custom composed from scratch. We thought it would be nice to have music to go along with our story. Music can convey emotion in ways that words never could. We love each other more than life itself and hope to convey our feelings in a way that can be not only understood, but felt as well.

Each piece has a name that is hopefully self-explanatory, but at the bottom of this page we’ve written a small description for each song. If these songs help you feel even a fraction of the love we have for each other, then they’ve served their purpose. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much is a song worth?

Another Day Gone By

This song is meant to be about us winding down the day. The sun has gone down, it’s nighttime. The stars are out so we walk outside our cave and gaze up at the stars together. I’m sitting on the ledge to the cliff and Elira is laying next to me as we look up at the stars together, reminiscing about our day together. We would do this frequently when we knew that I would have to make a trip the next day. It was our way of extending the day and the time we had together. This was just one last thing we could to in order to put off sleep so we could spend more time together.

Eventually though we would realize that we couldn’t put it off any longer and we’d go back inside and fall asleep together. We would sleep particularly close on those nights. She would sleep with her paw resting on my chest and stomach and nuzzle into the top of my head with her snout, or I’d fall asleep hugging her head/neck. Basically we were trying to spend as much time as possible with each other and show as much physical affection for each other as possible because we knew I’d be leaving the next day and we’d be apart for a few days.

As Time Passes

It’s important to live each day in the moment, and never take anything for granted. One day the people you love will be gone. No matter who you are, we all have limited time to spend with the people we love. And no matter how much time you spend with them, it’s never enough in the end. I never expected to outlive Elira, but no matter which one of us went first, we knew that the other would suffer. Cherish the time you have together. When they’re gone, the memories are all you really have left. That and the love you carry for them in your heart.​

As I got older it became harder and harder to ignore the passage of time. We knew that one day one of us would die and the other would be left alone. Statistically speaking I should have been the one to die first since human lifespans are much shorter than dragons, but regardless of that fact, we both cherished every moment we had together as we knew time was growing shorter either way. When you realize that time is growing shorter with the one you love most, it makes your heart ache. You look back on life and wonder if you really spent all the time you could have with them. In our case the answer to that question was “yes,” but even so, you realize that it’s still not enough. You’re never ready to say goodbye.

The abrupt ending to this song is intentional. You know that time is growing short and then that’s it… it’s gone… It feels like there should be more time left in the song; that it shouldn’t have ended there, but you realize that there just isn’t any more, and it’s devastating.

Autumn Days

Hopefully this one is pretty self-explanatory, but we would spend time in the forest during autumn. She would lay down and I would sit down and lean up against her and we’d just spend time like that, enjoying each other’s company. The weather is perfect; not too hot, not too cold, the temperature is just right and there’s a gentle breeze. She would bring her head down and nuzzle into my chest, and I would gently rub her face and neck as a show of affection. Being physically close like that was important to us.

Hearts Intertwined

Our love is beyond friendship, beyond family, even beyond being mates. We truly are a part of each other. Our shared feelings of love fill both our hearts to the point where it feels like we’re sharing one single heart between us. It’s a warm, wonderful feeling; the feeling of familiar love that fills your soul when you’re with the one you love most.

Love Overflows

When we would share a moment together telepathically, both of us feeling intense feelings of love and showing physical signs of affection (i.e., hugs, nuzzles, etc.), the feelings were so intense sometimes that it felt like even with both of our hearts, we couldn’t hold our combined love. Our feelings of love would intensify and crash into us in waves of varying intensity. The intensity was so great that it almost hurt to feel that much love, but in those moments, nothing could pull us apart. Earthquake? Nope. Volcano? Wouldn’t even notice it. Nothing else mattered to us in these moments except our love.

Shared Lullaby

This is a temporary description.

With You

When we were spending time together, there was always this base level of happiness and contentment. It didn’t matter what we were doing. We belonged together. We felt completely content and peaceful when we were with each other.