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Is this a true story?2024-04-13T10:46:20+00:00

Yes. That being said, our memories are 4,000 years old. I’m sure there are some inaccuracies when it comes to the little details, and obviously we don’t remember exact lines of dialogue from back then, but the essence of the story is true. Basically we remember major events and the way we felt back then, but we don’t remember exact lines of dialogue or little details about what happened so we fill in the gaps as best we can. We have done our best to stay as true and accurate as possible.

Just like with memories from this life, the memories that are strongest are the ones that involve strong emotion. As an example, let’s say your grandmother went into the hospital 5 years ago and you went to visit her. I’m sure you can remember a lot about that visit, but do you remember EXACTLY word-for-word what was said during that visit? Do you remember her room number? The name of her doctor? What you ate at the hospital cafeteria and how much it cost? Probably not. That being said I’m sure you could tell me what happened during your visit and how you were feeling. You might even remember some a detail like how difficult it was to find a place to park, but you’d remember this detail because you were stressed out and trying to get to the hospital as quickly as possible to be with her.

So yes, our story is “true” but how accurate the little details and dialogue are will vary. Some details are crystal clear while others are extremely fuzzy. But rest assured, we remember the major events and how we were feeling perfectly clearly, and that’s what our story is really about – the two of us and the relationship we share with one another.

How can you prove that Elira is real?2024-04-13T10:47:46+00:00

Oh trust me, she’s real, but Elira and I value our privacy and have no desire to draw attention to ourselves or become famous. We decided to publish our story because we think it’s a story worth telling, and we want to share our love with the world, but that doesn’t mean we want to be disturbed or have our lives disrupted. Please respect our wishes in this manner.

Why did you write this story?2024-04-13T10:49:08+00:00

The main reason why we decided to tell our story is because we wanted to find a way to be closer in this life. I don’t know much about the psychic or paranormal community but I was hoping to find someone who can teach us to be able to interact better physically. To be honest I don’t really believe in the paranormal but I didn’t know who else might be able to help us.

Since starting this story however, we have found a way to be closer physically. I think working on this project together has brought us closer, and we’ve since had our first successful intimate encounter in this lifetime. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as good as it was back then, but it’s enough. She’s my wife and I will be with her for the rest of my days.

The second reason we wanted to write this story is because we want to share our love with the world. The relationship we have is very special. To my knowledge, no other human has ever been with a dragon. Being with Elira goes so far beyond what two humans are able to experience. Human x human relationships are two dimensional in comparison because they don’t involve telepathy. Telepathy isn’t like it is in the movies. It’s not just “talking in your head.” Elira and I are different species with different needs and instincts, and we’re able to share those needs and instincts with each other telepathically. Her needs and instincts become mine and vice-versa. It’s an amazing experience, both physically and emotionally, to be with someone you share such an intimate connection with.

If you want to learn more about our relationship and the connection we share, I recommend reading the eBook, where we go into great detail about telepathy and our relationship.

Can I talk to Elira?2024-04-13T10:50:09+00:00

Sure! Simply visit the “Leave a Comment” page or comment on one of our YouTube videos. Elira and I read every comment and will respond if you have a question.

*Insert offensive animal/bestiality remark*2024-04-13T10:50:53+00:00

Elira is NOT an animal. Calling her an animal would be like me calling you an ape. It’s offensive and more importantly, completely incorrect. Her intelligence surpasses my own. She has total self awareness and is just as sentient as I am. Just because we’re different species doesn’t make our relationship “wrong.”

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